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Palmako are based in Estonia in a highly modernised factory facility and are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high quality Log Cabins and Other Garden Buildings. Simply Log Cabins are proud to be a Main Distributor and Stockist of Palmako Log Cabins.  The Palmako range includes Log Cabins with one room, with two rooms or multi-rooms, also, Octagonal and Pentagonal Pavilion style Summer Houses, Garages, Carports, Barbecue houses, Play Houses, Garden Office and much more.  Please see the links above to see all the options.

We have worked with Palmako on their ranges of log cabins and other garden buildings for over 15 years. Palmako use wall logs of 28, 34, 44, 70mm and thicker in some bespoke cabins. The timber used is mainly North European Spruce that has been carefully sourced from sustainably managed forestry, mostly in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, and for the quality of the timber. The principle factor that governs that quality of the timber is the speed that it grows, the more slowly grown then the denser and better quality is the timber. The main factor that governs the speed of growth is the climate that the timber is grown in. The cool, short summers along with the long and very cold winters of the Northern Forests produces a timber that is very dense and heavy with the result that this timber machines very well. The benefit of this is that the finished surfaces of Palmako Cabins is machined to a fine finish and the corner joints can be sawn to very fine tolerances which gives extremely good weather resistance.

The kiln dried timber is then brought into the factory where the full length of every piece is scanned for defects and any sub-standard lengths of timber are removed. This whole process ensures that only the best quality timber gets into the log cabin packages.  Palmako are one of the few manufacturers who usually include some spare wood in the cabin package.   The packages are large but very neat and square ended.  Many cabin packs are 6 – 6.25m in length x 1.1m wide* x  90cm tall. *Almost all packs are 1.1m wide.  This is so that we can place two cabins side by side on the bed of an articulated truck trailer, which are about 2.3m wide.  The trailers are 13m in length so when we pack at 6 – 6.25m it means that we can get 4 cabins on a trailer.  The distance from the factory in Estonia to our warehouse in Northampton is around 1800 – 1900 miles (depending on routes taken) so efficiency in transport is a very important factor in us being able to offer our customers the very best possible value.

Unlike most Log Cabins producers – Palmako have their own window and door factory which means that the same diligent quality control that goes into the production of the timbers also goes into the production of windows and doors. The quality of windows and doors is paramount to the quality of the cabin. The window styles include, Tilt and Turn – Double and Single, Double and Single Outward Opening and fixed. The Palmako design team will select the windows and doors that are most appropriate for each building. The Palmako Price List includes the Palmako Melanie Log Cabin, Palmako Veronica Summer Houses and other well known Palmako Summer Houses along with the Palmako Lisa Log Cabin range and much more.

The final manufactured cabins are packed, usually, onto a large pallet -up-to 6m in length (some of the larger and 70mm wall log Cabins are on two or more pallets) with the package then being neatly wrapped in plastic sheeting so that it can be stored outdoors until you are ready to assemble it if required. Within the package there will be all the fixings required to build the building, the pack also includes comprehensive assembly instructions (we can supply the assembly instructions prior to delivery if required, depending on which cabin it is, there is usually at least 1 x additional wall log of the longest length used in that cabin along with a few extra roof and floor boards.

Simply Log Cabins lead-time on order for delivery of the standard range of Palmako Log Cabins is from 3 – 21 days depending if we have the cabin in stock in our UK Warehouse or if it is held at the Palmako Factory site. From our warehouse site in Northampton we are able to arrange delivery throughout the UK Mainland every 7 days.  Each postcode area is delivered on its own specific day of the week.  For more information on this – please contact us on: info(at)gudrum.com or 01636 653 016

Simply Log Cabins is able to offer low rate finance facilities through our partners for qualifying customers who would like this facility.  Repayment terms offered are  12 or  24 months on most garden buildings.  The deposit amount payable and the loan period is determined by yourself at the point of placing the order.  For any further information on this – please contact us.

Palmako also produce bespoke log cabins which can range from a small garden office style building to a multi-room, two floored building commonly used as office buildings, log cabin homes, camp site facilities and many more applications.

For more information on Palmako Log Cabins please call Simply Log Cabins on: info(at)gudrum.com 01636 653 016

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