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Palmako, whose parent company are called Lemeks, also produce a range of great quality machine round timber which is available to trade customers in bulk volumes (min half an artic load).  If you have a need for large volumes of fence stakes, nursery stakes or other pressure treated round timbers in many lengths and thicknesses – please feel free to contact us regarding:

A simple Shelter
Outdoor Kitchen
Open Outdoor Kitchen
Pent Shed
Corner Pavilions
Open Pavilions
Corner Pergola
Green house
Storage bench
Chicken Co-op
Plant Panel
Shelf Panel

This superbly innovative and contemporary range will give lots of garden accessory buildings and storage facilities that are both superb quality, extremely sturdy (as they all interlock with the fence), space saving and attractive. Palmako are not just a Log Cabin producer, they also manufacture Glu-Lam timber products, please see below , pressure treated round pole timber products, Children’s Swings, Slides and other outdoor accessory items (for more information and pricing please call us on 01636 653 016).

Here at we are constantly looking for new idea’s and new markets where we can offer our products. We are able to offer the Palmako Glu-Lam range of Weight and Stress Bearing Timber Products both to Trade and for Individual uses. Whilst we do not display the Glu-Lam Timber Product on our web site – if you have any questions about it or need more information please contact us on: 0044 (0) 1636 653 016.

2024 looks like being a very challenging year for costs in the garden industry as a whole.  Raw material prices especially of bulk timber are rapidly increasing after 2023 saw timber available at very competitive rates.  For sure there will be price increases across all garden timber products and especially cabins and other buildings.

 It is no exaggeration to say that NOW really is a great time to buy a log cabin!

Please see details below on the Glu-Lam Product Specification:
Glulam beams

Product description:

Lumber species: Nordic Spruce (picea abies)
Manufacturing: In accordance with requirements of: EN 14080 / DIN 1052
Timber grading: In accordance with requirements of: EN 14081 / DIN 4074
Finger jointing: In accordance with requirements of: EN 385 / DIN 68140-1
Strength class: BS11 / GL24; BS14 / GL28 acc. EN 14080 / DIN 1052
Lumber moisture: 10-14%
Lamella thickness: Standard 40 mm, can be up to 45 mm
Gluing: Casco: Melamine UREA adhesive, light, non darkening, EN 301 Type 1, weatherproof.
Surface quality: Planed on four sides, chamfered, visual or non visual quality, end trimmed.
Lengths: Up to 13,0 m
Packaging: In packs, foiled if required.
Inspection report: In accordance with EN 14080 / DIN 1052-1
External monitoring: MPA (Stuttgart) Otto-Graf Institut (FMPA)
CE certificate number: 0672-CPD-I14.21.26
Company ID number: 0672

As of 2017 Palmako have produced a range of High Quality Garden Fence Panels along with many other new products including some new cabins. All the new cabins will appear on Simply Log Cabins. They will be branded either as Palmako or Gudrum. As with all Palmako Log Cabins the factory uses Superb Quality North European Spruce Timber that Palmako are renown for, the windows and doors will be produced in the Palmako Factory to exacting standards that are meticulously controlled and managed and will be available from Simply Log Cabins either to buy immediately or with our Buy Now/Pay Later Options and for Speedy Delivery. Simply Log Cabins delivers to every area of the Country – every 7 days.
The fence panels will feature many new designs and will all appear on our web site:
Please watch here for any News and Information Updates on our Gudrum Log Cabins / Palmako Ranges.

For more information – Please contact us on: 01636 653 016


Trading Information 2024

2023 Once again 2023 has been an excellent year for our partnership with Palmako. As each year passes it seems that more and more people in the UK are beginning to see the real benefit that a good quality log cabin can bring.  The potential for extending the living space by adding a room in the garden gets more and more appealing as housing prices and the costs associated with moving upward in a chain can be prohibitively expensive and often really quite difficult to justify.  A good quality log cabin cab be used as a home gym, a home office, a “Lads” or a “Ladies” escape in the garden.  We supply very many cabins that are used as a leisure facility and will have large TV’s mounted on the wall so that either “him or her” can escape to a little privacy and watch the cricket or football or maybe X Factor or Bake Off in the privacy of a den in the garden!  Very often these little dens are used as temporary accommodation so that if you have guests over and the house is full- they can sleep in the cabin!

This type of cabin really does rely on being well insulated with great quality windows and doors, usually double glazed, and to be sufficiently large to be comfortable.  Most of our Palmako Log Cabins are offered with a roof insulation option and we would usually advise that floor insulation should be fitted.  This along with double glazing and a little heating will ensure that you are building a lovely environment to simply spend a little time and watch the world go by in comfort.

The quality and consistency of Palmako log cabins is quite simply second to non and they are ideally suited to this type of use and many other uses.  Almost every cabin seems to have a unique purpose but they can be split into a few overall categories.  These would include:

  • Office in the Garden
  • Home Gym
  • Temp Guest Accommodation
  • Nursery / Play Room
  • General Leisure Use
  • Storage
  • Other

The quality of our manufacturers generally mean that it is rare that we need to get any parts from any of our producers however on the odd occasions when we do, the system that Palmako use ensures that parts are delivered quickly and without drama.  With the very best will – just occasionally a part may get damaged in transit or VERY occasionally be missed when packing.  After all non of us are above making mistakes!  In the rare instances that this does happen Palmako are by far the best at sending out any required parts quickly and efficiently.